School Information

School Information

School Supervisor: Mr. Cheung Kai Man Albert
School Principal: Ms Cheung Ngan Ying
School Founding Year: 1989
Address: G/F, Banyan House, Kwong Yuen Estate, Shatin, N.T.
Telephone No.:26487073
Fax No.: 26483696
E-mail address:

School Vision and Mission

We follow the church’s mission of preaching the Gospel and carry forward the spirit of Christ’s love. We pursue total quality management to improve our education quality and create a new culture of early childhood education. We believe that every child is unique, and quality school education help inspire their unlimited potential and promote all-round development of their personality. We provide children a great learning environment to lay for them the foundation of lifelong learning.

Campus facilities

8 Registered Classrooms

Game Facilities on Wall

1 Indoor Playground

1 Music Room

1 Library

1 Indoor Slide